Sinister Squidward

A Unity horror/comedy experience.


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As a game developer, I had the pleasure of designing and developing Sinister Squidward, a game that took me three months to create using the Unity game engine. The premise of the game is centered around Squidward, a character who has been driven to insanity due to a lifetime of misery. In his state of madness, he kidnaps his neighbors SpongeBob and Patrick, and it's up to the player to rescue them while avoiding being caught by Squidward.

This project required a diverse set of skills, including programming in C#, 3D animation, 3D modeling, video editing, sound design, graphic design, and a great deal of creative problem-solving. The game boasts an engaging storyline with multiple sections and big, detailed levels that immerse players in a hilarious yet terrifying atmosphere.

Sinister Squidward was released through the platform and quickly gained massive popularity, garnering over 60 thousand downloads and more than 150 thousand views on the platform. The game's success even drew the attention of renowned gamers on YouTube, such as Markiplier, MatPat, and xQc, who collectively reached millions of viewers with their coverage of the game. Check out the game page here.

As a portfolio piece, Sinister Squidward showcases my ability to deliver a well-designed and captivating game, while also demonstrating my proficiency in a wide range of technical skills. I'm proud to have contributed to the gaming community and look forward to developing more exciting and innovative games in the future.

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