School of the Dead

A first-person horror gaming experience.


School of the Dead is a gaming experience that I have created using the highly acclaimed Unity game engine. Over the course of several months, I dedicated my time and effort to creating a compelling story-based mystery game that is sure to keep players engaged and captivated until the very end. The game's narrative follows the story of a student trapped in a school that is haunted by a demon janitor. The player must navigate through the school, solve puzzles, and evade the demon janitor while uncovering the dark secrets that lie hidden within the school's walls.

To bring this game to life, I had to employ a variety of skills, including programming in C#, 3D modeling, graphic design, video editing, and animation, among others. The challenging development process allowed me to hone my skills and acquire new knowledge, which I can use in future projects.

I am immensely proud of the success that School of the Dead has achieved since its release on The game quickly gained popularity, earning the top spot in just a matter of days. Thousands of people have played the game, and the gameplay videos on YouTube have reached an even larger audience, further cementing the game's popularity.

School of the Dead serves as a testament to my abilities as a game developer and showcases my talent for creating engaging, well-thought-out games. It also demonstrates my capacity for learning new skills quickly and effectively, a crucial attribute in today's fast-paced game development industry.

In conclusion, School of the Dead is a game that I am truly proud of, and it serves as a great addition to my portfolio. It is an excellent example of my ability to create engaging games that leave a lasting impression on players. I am excited to see what the future holds for me as I continue to pursue my passion for game development.

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  • Sarajevo
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
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